Sunday, June 15, 2008

Wednesday 4/6/08 approx 96kg

I started my journal on word hoping to put it up on facebook. Finally realised that you can't blog on facebook so I had to find another way.... So this is my first entry.

It’s the third day in, to what actually might be a successful plan. I have never been one for fad diets or Weight Watchers. I hate counting calories or points. I tried keeping a food diary but I’d always forget to fill it in. Instead I’ve written up a table of foods I enjoy that are healthy (giving myself a few yummies here and there) instead of trying to force myself to eat things I’ll I am in the midst of writing up an exercise regime. I feel this will work as all I have to do is check that the foods are there in the cupboard and check off the boxes as I go.
The first day was a Wednesday, so I am glad I didn’t use the excuse “I’ll start on Monday” because I figure if everything is ready for me to start now, why not? However it was probably not the best day to start as my fiancĂ© Daniel is Italian and there is a family dinner every Wednesday. So of course it’s full with chicken schnitzels and biscuits and cake and yummy things and I was sitting there with my winter vegetables soup! I couldn’t resist and I had to have half a chicken schnitzel and I was allowed to as long as I wasn’t going to bitch about it afterwards! And then we made scones, this lovely recipe that my Nanny gave me using soda water, and I scoffed 3 with marg and jam!
The second day was good too, I was making berry smoothies with a scoop of low fat ice cream (and realised I’d had one yesterday and should substitute yoghurt instead), and in my morning snack I only had a muesli bar and no banana because I was so full, although that also could be due to the fact I have been waking up at 11am lately because I’ve been going to bed late and so have been eating my breakfast at miday! Anyway I realised that tonight my Mum, Daniel and I all were going to see Sex and the City the movie! And I couldn’t imagine not having a little something and watching a movie with no nibblies and tried to strike up a deal with Mum asking if I can have one, to which she replied you’re 21 now you can eat what you want!! Then we came to an agreement that if I eat one boysenberry choc-top at the movie, I had to take out two ice creamy desserts from my diet. I love ice cream so much. It’s the one thing I could eat all day every day. I even eat it in winter with a doona wrapped around me! In my new fangled diet plan thingy (although I’m trying not to use the word “diet”) I have two nights of a scoop of low fat ice cream with some kind of fruit and two nights of Weight Watchers sundaes, that’s four nights of ice cream! So I think I might have to adjust that part but we’ll see how I go after a month.

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