Sunday, September 28, 2008

It's been a month since my last confession!

Hey everyone! I can't believe it has been almost a month since my last blog! I have just haven't had time to write or anything good to write about! As you can probably tell since my sickness I have fallen off again but am slowly getting back on. Me and Daniel have a challenge to exercise for minimum of 30minutes per day for 21 days straight! So far I have completed day 8 and am very proud considering before I couldn't even muster the energy for 5 times a week! Daniel is on day 4 as he started later than me. I am also proud of the fact that a few times my body has been really sore and I have still been able to go for a walk.

Uni has been so hectic. I have a report due soon which is scary because it accounts for a lot of my overall grade for the subject. I am pretty sure that I should do well though...

I'm a bit tired at the moment, so I'm going to head off now... sorry if it's been a boring blog I'm half asleep!!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Snot girl

I have been crowned "Snot girl" by those around me who have had the pleasure of listening to me saying words through a blocked nose and trying to decipher what I am saying! So obviously not that great in the health department. It started out with weird symptoms like a dry scratchy throat (but not sore, like the air from me breathing was hitting the back of my throat and making it really dry) and a bit of a blocked nose. So of course I went around bragging about how awesome my body is thinking it was fighting off the cold really good and then BAM! The snot had come!
Anyway so I've been telling myself that the rule is that when I am sick I am allowed to be bad, until I messaged Gaz saying I wasn't coming in to gym today and he asked me ever so nicely to keep eating healthy and try to go for a walk if I have the energy. So of course I don't want to let him down... but then I think back and most of the time I have been pretty good. I've been eating a lot of soups...the worst I've been was KFC on Wed with my friend - damn those sweet chili twisters!! But I know I could of been a lot worse so I guess I'm happy.
It's a slow process trying to loose weight which I am truly realising now and it seems to be even harder while I am also trying to do uni work. All this weekend I have tried to lock myself in my room and on my mums laptop I've been writing out lecture summaries but it's taking ages. It took almost a whole day to do just one because the lecturer talks so fast so I have to keep rewinding my recordings. Also teamed up with the fact I didn't start until 11:30am and I had a snooze in the afternoon and I kept coming out to see what was going on in the rest of the house. See if everyone is still alive!
I have started reading Harry Potter again, ooh I LOVE it sooo much! Daniel asked me how I can keep reading the same books over and over again (which usually I don't except if it's Harry Potter) and I just said it's amazing how much you forget from reading it the first time. It's so detailed and also little things like how she mentions Sirius Blacks name in the start of the first book and then you don't hear of his name until the third book (that I remember). I have read all of them twice (so this is my third time) except for the last one which I have only read once (so once I finish I'll go over and read the last one again) - yes I know anal, but hey that's just me!
Anyway it's past midnight and I want to try and finish off this lecture summary before I go to bed. Goodnight.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Spoke too soon

Aww I fell off the wagon last week. I did no exercise except for gym Tuesday and didn't eat that great... I noticed on Thursday I was feeling really emotional and had no idea why and then thought that the week before last I was probably so high on endorphins that when last week came around and I hadn't done much exercise I felt like crap because I was back to normal - which seemed much worse on account of being high on endorphins for so long! Anyway so it is my mission this week to feel great again.

I'll let you know how it goes

Monday, August 11, 2008

And I'm feeeelinnnn goooood!

Hey sorry I haven't blogged in awhile uni is pretty hectic. I handed in that stupid lit review and then a wave of joy came flooding over me!

I have been soooo good this past week except I forgot to write it all down and so now Gaz can't see how awesome I've been :( but I'm feeling confident that I can continue this goodness. I did a little calorie counting and an average healthy day for me was 1500 cal! Even including a weight watchers choc sundae dessert! So I am very happy with myself... also last week I managed to complete 5 days worth of exercise! However this week I haven't done any yet and it's Tuesday but it just means I have to every day for the next few days.

The Biggest Loser applications were supposed to finish yesterday but are still open! I am still happy even if I don't get in because I am doing well and I think it would take a bit for me to fall off the wagon again. Especially since Daniel has been trying so hard (even though he has been sick for over a month) to eat healthy and is dying to get back to gym and even suggested trying to go back while still sick, which of course I said "are you crazy?!" (not really, I was much nicer than that) to which he replied "why do you have the brains in this relationship?!". Hee hee cute.

I am going to go as I have an hour and a half to have a kip (which means nap which apparently Daniel had never heard of!) and then get ready to go to gym.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Uni has started again

Hence why I have not written in ages. I have been so busy and haven't even thought of blogging until now (because I'm at Daniels and am bored waiting for him to come home!).

Uni has started and I am repeating a subject which I find hard (physiology...seriously who is interested in that stuff?!?) and doing a third year genetics subject which is interesting.

I have been pretty good with diet and exercise - not perfect but I'm getting there! I still want to be able to live (i.e. having my uni coffees and my weight watchers sundaes!) But a lot of stuff that I am eating is still crap but I'm handing in my food diary to Gaz and highlighting the bad stuff I want to get rid of in red, we are hoping that gradually the red will get less and less until there is only black writing! I just weighed myself and I am 94.3kg and it's at the end of the day, so I have lost a bit... it's hard to keep track when I don't weigh myself regularly. I just need to make sure whenever I feel like bad food (which I have noticed is generally around friends and other people when they are having it) to think of being thin and active and all my goals and everything, just stop and think about what I am putting in my mouth instead of just doing it.

Anywho I'll try and be good and blog again soon although I have this horrible assignment which is due on Thursday but then I have something else due on Friday so sometime next week.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Good week. Bad week.

I will first start with the bad news so I can end on a happy note. My Nan went into hospital on Thursday because the doctors had changed her medication and they were making her feel unwell. Mum rang me to tell me to rush over to their house to look after Pa. That night they gave her morphine because she had a sore back and she had a bad reaction and was constantly vomiting and her blood pressure dropped dangerously low. Mum ended up staying at the hospital until 4.30am and had been up since 6am that morning and was obviously exhausted. Anyway my Nan being the tough cookie she is pulled through and is now back at home resting for two weeks while my Pa goes into respite care. Also understandably during this time I fell of the wagon a bit but starting today jumped back on and I have gym tomorrow so that will help kick me into gear again.

Now for the good news plural!
First I got my results back from uni and got an A and a B so I'm pretty pleased with that considering my highest has been a C. I also found out because I got an A it means I am able to apply to do a project with one of the lecturers so I will most likely apply for that.
The second good news is I have applied for the Biggest Loser 2009 Australian couples (me and Daniel obviously!) and so if we are chosen you'll probably be able to work out who I am! Anyway I am eating dinner and will keep you informed..

Monday, July 7, 2008

I'm over the Hump!

YAY! I think I am finally over the Hump! It all started Saturday morning in my nice warm bed and not wanting to get up for gym! I messaged my personal trainer, Gaz, and asked if he could provide some motivational words for me because I felt like I wanted to skip out again (I had already missed the past two sessions before that too). Anyway so he messages back and says "Just come in today and we'll have a talk about it" which made me nervous.. but I hoped in the shower and started getting ready and I wrote back that I might be a bit late and he replied that that's ok as long as I get in today so we can have a big talk. bout things! So now I'm even more nervous! Anyway I just came in and he got me to go on the cross trainer and asked how things were and how can we get me more motivated and he suggested making a small goal, something simple like eating healthy and exercising 5 times a week (minus 2 at gym and 1 doing housework for Nan so that's only 2 more) until I go back to uni (21st of July). Then Gaz gave me a food and exercise diary to fill out (but I ended up typing it out because it looks neater!) and I have to report to him every Saturday (which is only really 2 until the 21st of July but I will continue on after that) and hopefully I would of lost a meaningful amount of weight instead of a kilo here or a kilo there!

Starting from Saturday it is now day four and I'm feeling pretty good. I went to the movies the other day with Daniel and instead of buying malteasers and popcorn and soft drink I bought a pack of natural confectionary snake lollies and some extra drops so that I was busying my mouth with something and I wouldn't notice that I wasn't eating. I am also very proud that I actually walked past a Hershey's cookies and creame bar which they only sell in special lollie shops! But I must admit I have to thank Daniel for that one because I was ready to buy it until Daniel told me no! Then in the cinema we were waiting for the movie to come on and I was whining about wanting it and if I bought it and saved it for my one day off a fortnight or just have one little piece a day! I then came to the conclusion that if it was still out there when the movie finished it was meant to be and I would get it... except we got out and I had forgotten until we were back home talking about the movie! So I guess it wasn't meant to be, but I think that is a good stratergy, to walk away and do something else and if it's still there/you remember it then you can have it - but only on your day off!

Anyway I think that's all to report now, I shall be in touch