Monday, July 7, 2008

I'm over the Hump!

YAY! I think I am finally over the Hump! It all started Saturday morning in my nice warm bed and not wanting to get up for gym! I messaged my personal trainer, Gaz, and asked if he could provide some motivational words for me because I felt like I wanted to skip out again (I had already missed the past two sessions before that too). Anyway so he messages back and says "Just come in today and we'll have a talk about it" which made me nervous.. but I hoped in the shower and started getting ready and I wrote back that I might be a bit late and he replied that that's ok as long as I get in today so we can have a big talk. bout things! So now I'm even more nervous! Anyway I just came in and he got me to go on the cross trainer and asked how things were and how can we get me more motivated and he suggested making a small goal, something simple like eating healthy and exercising 5 times a week (minus 2 at gym and 1 doing housework for Nan so that's only 2 more) until I go back to uni (21st of July). Then Gaz gave me a food and exercise diary to fill out (but I ended up typing it out because it looks neater!) and I have to report to him every Saturday (which is only really 2 until the 21st of July but I will continue on after that) and hopefully I would of lost a meaningful amount of weight instead of a kilo here or a kilo there!

Starting from Saturday it is now day four and I'm feeling pretty good. I went to the movies the other day with Daniel and instead of buying malteasers and popcorn and soft drink I bought a pack of natural confectionary snake lollies and some extra drops so that I was busying my mouth with something and I wouldn't notice that I wasn't eating. I am also very proud that I actually walked past a Hershey's cookies and creame bar which they only sell in special lollie shops! But I must admit I have to thank Daniel for that one because I was ready to buy it until Daniel told me no! Then in the cinema we were waiting for the movie to come on and I was whining about wanting it and if I bought it and saved it for my one day off a fortnight or just have one little piece a day! I then came to the conclusion that if it was still out there when the movie finished it was meant to be and I would get it... except we got out and I had forgotten until we were back home talking about the movie! So I guess it wasn't meant to be, but I think that is a good stratergy, to walk away and do something else and if it's still there/you remember it then you can have it - but only on your day off!

Anyway I think that's all to report now, I shall be in touch

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