Monday, July 14, 2008

Good week. Bad week.

I will first start with the bad news so I can end on a happy note. My Nan went into hospital on Thursday because the doctors had changed her medication and they were making her feel unwell. Mum rang me to tell me to rush over to their house to look after Pa. That night they gave her morphine because she had a sore back and she had a bad reaction and was constantly vomiting and her blood pressure dropped dangerously low. Mum ended up staying at the hospital until 4.30am and had been up since 6am that morning and was obviously exhausted. Anyway my Nan being the tough cookie she is pulled through and is now back at home resting for two weeks while my Pa goes into respite care. Also understandably during this time I fell of the wagon a bit but starting today jumped back on and I have gym tomorrow so that will help kick me into gear again.

Now for the good news plural!
First I got my results back from uni and got an A and a B so I'm pretty pleased with that considering my highest has been a C. I also found out because I got an A it means I am able to apply to do a project with one of the lecturers so I will most likely apply for that.
The second good news is I have applied for the Biggest Loser 2009 Australian couples (me and Daniel obviously!) and so if we are chosen you'll probably be able to work out who I am! Anyway I am eating dinner and will keep you informed..

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Mark Salinas said...

The glass is half full! Great post!