Thursday, July 3, 2008

Long time, no type!

Sorry I haven't been in touch lately. I have been at Daniels being nurse to his chest infection! I really have been doing nothing to get back on track. I've missed the last two gym sessions and been eating discustingly! Also apologies for the emotional blog but I guess that is why I have problems and it is good to vent!

I went to dinner the other night with Daniel and we went to this Chinese restaurant and ended up walking out because it was so expensive! Anyway we got to talking and we decided we are going to get married overseas in Thailand on Elephant back! I can't wait! Just our parents and brothers and sisters there and then come back for a BBQ with extended family and friends.

I'm trying to work out a plan of attack to help myself get over this hump that has lasted too long for my liking. Daniel said that I should just make sure I eat less than normal or make better choices than I normally would. For example my Nan's house is biscuit central and I end up eating almost 10 in one night! So the idea was to put them in a cup and once the cup was empty I couldn't have anymore. I think once Daniel gets better it will be easier for me because it helps me when I see he is trying too, but since he is sick we both haven't been doing anything.

Sometimes I get these urges to exercise and I think I need to pay closer attention to them and actually utilize these urges to my advantage. The problem is they usually occur when I am about to go to bed. I guess I could do some sit ups in my bed and push ups and dips etc. It's like my head wants it so much for so many reasons (I think I feel another list coming on...)

Why I want to lose weight;

1. I feel happy about the way I look (not feel horrible around other people who I think look skinner/prettier than me)
2. Health
3. I can work with animals (I'd need to be fit)
4. Buy nice clothes
5. To have more energy

That's all for now, hopefully I'll be in touch soon and with some good news of progress.

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