Saturday, August 30, 2008

Snot girl

I have been crowned "Snot girl" by those around me who have had the pleasure of listening to me saying words through a blocked nose and trying to decipher what I am saying! So obviously not that great in the health department. It started out with weird symptoms like a dry scratchy throat (but not sore, like the air from me breathing was hitting the back of my throat and making it really dry) and a bit of a blocked nose. So of course I went around bragging about how awesome my body is thinking it was fighting off the cold really good and then BAM! The snot had come!
Anyway so I've been telling myself that the rule is that when I am sick I am allowed to be bad, until I messaged Gaz saying I wasn't coming in to gym today and he asked me ever so nicely to keep eating healthy and try to go for a walk if I have the energy. So of course I don't want to let him down... but then I think back and most of the time I have been pretty good. I've been eating a lot of soups...the worst I've been was KFC on Wed with my friend - damn those sweet chili twisters!! But I know I could of been a lot worse so I guess I'm happy.
It's a slow process trying to loose weight which I am truly realising now and it seems to be even harder while I am also trying to do uni work. All this weekend I have tried to lock myself in my room and on my mums laptop I've been writing out lecture summaries but it's taking ages. It took almost a whole day to do just one because the lecturer talks so fast so I have to keep rewinding my recordings. Also teamed up with the fact I didn't start until 11:30am and I had a snooze in the afternoon and I kept coming out to see what was going on in the rest of the house. See if everyone is still alive!
I have started reading Harry Potter again, ooh I LOVE it sooo much! Daniel asked me how I can keep reading the same books over and over again (which usually I don't except if it's Harry Potter) and I just said it's amazing how much you forget from reading it the first time. It's so detailed and also little things like how she mentions Sirius Blacks name in the start of the first book and then you don't hear of his name until the third book (that I remember). I have read all of them twice (so this is my third time) except for the last one which I have only read once (so once I finish I'll go over and read the last one again) - yes I know anal, but hey that's just me!
Anyway it's past midnight and I want to try and finish off this lecture summary before I go to bed. Goodnight.

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