Monday, August 11, 2008

And I'm feeeelinnnn goooood!

Hey sorry I haven't blogged in awhile uni is pretty hectic. I handed in that stupid lit review and then a wave of joy came flooding over me!

I have been soooo good this past week except I forgot to write it all down and so now Gaz can't see how awesome I've been :( but I'm feeling confident that I can continue this goodness. I did a little calorie counting and an average healthy day for me was 1500 cal! Even including a weight watchers choc sundae dessert! So I am very happy with myself... also last week I managed to complete 5 days worth of exercise! However this week I haven't done any yet and it's Tuesday but it just means I have to every day for the next few days.

The Biggest Loser applications were supposed to finish yesterday but are still open! I am still happy even if I don't get in because I am doing well and I think it would take a bit for me to fall off the wagon again. Especially since Daniel has been trying so hard (even though he has been sick for over a month) to eat healthy and is dying to get back to gym and even suggested trying to go back while still sick, which of course I said "are you crazy?!" (not really, I was much nicer than that) to which he replied "why do you have the brains in this relationship?!". Hee hee cute.

I am going to go as I have an hour and a half to have a kip (which means nap which apparently Daniel had never heard of!) and then get ready to go to gym.

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