Sunday, June 15, 2008

Thursday 5/6/08

The third day was supposed to be my perfect day as I wasn’t going anywhere but I got to a tuna salad and apple for lunch and thought I don’t want tuna!! So I ate three scones with margarine and jam! Then after dinner which was soup I felt really hungry and I changed my snack of peaches and yoghurt (which probably would have been more filling) for a muesli bar, a fruit puree pack and 4 premium biscuits with marg and vegemite. I think I need to focus on the positives:
- I drank 1.5 bottles of water
- I ate a smaller bowl of cereal than I normally would
- I watched Mum eat a bowl of ice cream and just grumbled instead of getting one myself.
- The scones are stale so I won’t be having anymore!
- I am determined to do this with all my might.
I finished reading The Amazing Adventures of DietGirl and was so excited about getting started on busting my own flab! I have also taken from the book that it’s not about being on diets (which is why I am not!) and it’s about loving yourself inside and out. Lately I have started liking the way I look, not so much the flabby parts but the curves and the shape of my silhouette. I like my big but and round hips, when I stand on the side I see just how big my stomach and boobs really are! Them and my thighs are my major points of change. I would like to;
- Not have to wear shorts under skirts to stop my legs rubbing together.
- Not have a size 18F as a bra size, which is mortifying.
- Have a flat tummy

10 things to do once I loose the bulge!:

1. Get married!
2. Full body massage
3. Buy a pair of bikinis and wear them in public!
4. Buy sexy lingerie and a smaller bra size
5. Wear a short hot clubbing dress and high heels and hit the town!
6. Visit the Orang-utans in Borneo and Sumatra
7. Take a professional photo naked! (a la “How To Look Good Naked”)
8. Do a walk for charity

I can't think of the whole 10 now, but I just picked 1o because it seemed like a nice round number (you'll come to realise I tend to have a mild case of OCD!). I'll add the other 2 when I think of some that are worthy. I actually got this idea from dietgirl and as I love lists it is perfect for me because as I read on she got so excited about ticking off the things she wanted to do after she lost weight and I thought I wanted to feel like that too!

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