Thursday, June 19, 2008

I'm free!...Until 21st of July

YAY!! I finished my last exam for this semester! I think I went quite well, I get my results on the 15th of July = S At least now I don't have to think about insects anymore! After the exam I had a craving for McDonalds and I was trying to say but if I want McDonalds that's ok but not to use it as a treat (because that ties in with it being "good" or "bad" food). I was trying to ask myself if I actually wanted it, trying to listen to my body a bit more and what it wants but I decided to get it anyway and watch Law and Order SVU (I L.O.V.E. SVU!) as long as I wasn't going to let myself feel bad for having it later.

So the episode of SVU had the dad from Seventh Heaven and I think the boyfriend at the start of Legally Blonde (the "Pooh Bear" one)I can't remember his name. It was soo good! But I wish Elliot and Olivia would get together which I know if it does happen, it won't until the last season. Speaking of television shows I love I can't wait for Californication to come back on! And Dexter is about to start on normal t.v. but I'm just gonna borrow it off Daniel and watch it.

Now that I'm FREE! I have lots of things planned such as; start eating healthier again! Exercise everyday, clean my room (fun - not!), get my nails refilled, clean Nanny's house and more but nothing that exciting to report. I have a friends birthday tonight so hopefully that is good, maybe I'll have some cocktails! I haven't had any for ages!

I went shopping earlier in the week for things for mine and Daniel's future home which is exciting and I'm going again today to look for nicknack things. I also need to buy my friends present and pay rego =,(

Anyway moral of the blog is now that I am free from study till the 21st of July I will be doing lots of exercise (try an hour each day) and eating better again (I almost typed "eating batter" heehee).

I'll keep in touch.

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