Friday, August 1, 2008

Uni has started again

Hence why I have not written in ages. I have been so busy and haven't even thought of blogging until now (because I'm at Daniels and am bored waiting for him to come home!).

Uni has started and I am repeating a subject which I find hard (physiology...seriously who is interested in that stuff?!?) and doing a third year genetics subject which is interesting.

I have been pretty good with diet and exercise - not perfect but I'm getting there! I still want to be able to live (i.e. having my uni coffees and my weight watchers sundaes!) But a lot of stuff that I am eating is still crap but I'm handing in my food diary to Gaz and highlighting the bad stuff I want to get rid of in red, we are hoping that gradually the red will get less and less until there is only black writing! I just weighed myself and I am 94.3kg and it's at the end of the day, so I have lost a bit... it's hard to keep track when I don't weigh myself regularly. I just need to make sure whenever I feel like bad food (which I have noticed is generally around friends and other people when they are having it) to think of being thin and active and all my goals and everything, just stop and think about what I am putting in my mouth instead of just doing it.

Anywho I'll try and be good and blog again soon although I have this horrible assignment which is due on Thursday but then I have something else due on Friday so sometime next week.


Mark Salinas said...

Thanks for sharing! Stay active, stay strong! :)

Anonymous said...

Good Luck on your paper! Hang in there, make healthy choices! (I know, easier said! LOL!)

carla said...

just found you and had to say HOW COOL it is that (youre blogging and)you named your blog after DG!

I cant even imagine how she felt about that----talk about honored!


Dietgirl_is_my_hero said...

Thanks guys. Finished the paper (Hiphorray!) and I LOVE dietgirls blog and book I was a victim of the food and I needed a superhero just like her to really change me and my life. She inspired me to write a blog so it's only fitting that I dedicate it to her!